Learn how to effectively discover a product to sell on Amazon in minutes in this fast Jungle Scout audit. I tell you the best way to investigate and break down any specialty market or product on Amazon to enable you to decide if it’s a beneficial and advantageous product for you to sell on Amazon.

I utilize an alternate way to deal with discover a product by getting thoughts from a site called Watchcount.com. At that point, we take those thoughts over to Amazon and use Jungle Scout to rapidly break down products and markets.

In the event that you are an Amazon FBA vendor, you need extraordinary devices like Jungle Scout to have the capacity to viably do your exploration.

In the event that you have tuned in to my digital broadcast, you will realize that I am a major fanatic of utilizing Jungle Scout for my product explore needs as an Amazon FBA dealer. Before I had Jungle Scout reviews and coupons it took me a really long time to filter and deal with information. The first occasion when I utilized Jungle Scout it took me under 10 minutes to locate my first product to begin selling on Amazon. So you can say it’s a noteworthy help and should be in the tool stash of each Amazon vendor.


I need to make it consummately evident that Jungle Scout in no way, shape or form is required to begin selling on Amazon FBA. You can do all the exploration by hand on the off chance that you might want and to be straightforward that is the thing that I was doing when I originally began. I had no clue this sort of hardware even existed at the time. The product explore stage used to belong and baffling when I previously began. So on the off chance that you are by then and not utilizing an apparatus like Jungle Scout you presumably realize what I mean.

The top motivation behind why I adore utilizing this instrument is that it spares personal TIME. I just get 24 hours to utilize every day simply as you do and I incline toward not to put in hours every day doing product inquire about. So this apparatus spares me TONS of time which made the speculation well justified, despite all the trouble.

Jungle Scout gives me all the vital information I need, for example, Est. Income, Units Sold, # of Reviews, and estimating data. With this information, I can rapidly decide whether the product I am taking a gander at is even worth considering to private name.

The primary concern I will in general check with Jungle Scout is the request of a product. I need to check whether enough individuals are purchasing that product with the goal that way on the off chance that I choose to begin offering it also there would be sufficient sales left over for me too. I just take a gander at the best 10 products on Jungle Scout and include the Est Sales section. On the off chance that the main 10 products have in excess of 3000 sales, at that point I realize the product has enough in general interest.

From that point, I can assess the evaluated sales to perceive how a lot of cash I could possibly make with the product every month. It likewise gives me the measure of audit every one of the products have which enables me to rapidly evaluate the challenge. On the off chance that such a large number of the top dealers have hundreds or even a great many reviews then I realize I should need to pass on the product and go on to something different.