A few years of academic endeavours and satisfactions

  • After completing high school in Italy, I moved to London and enrolled for the Mechanical Engineering degree at UCL.

  • I received a top award for excellence within the faculty of Engineering.

  • I was appointed Senior Mentor in my department.

  • I wrote a conference paper on optimisation of aircraft turbine design, which I published and presented at an international exposition in Vancouver the following year.

  • I was awarded a BEng degree in Mechanical Engineering with First Class honours. The same year marked also the beginning of my PhD at UCL, with a project on computational fluid dynamics based design of steam turbines, sponsored by Hitachi, Japan. The highly mathematical nature of this project made me apt to the teaching of mathematics for engineering, which began that same year with my first problem-solving class delivered to second-year undergraduates.

  • Along with my friend and colleague Peng Wang, I was assigned the lecturing and examining of the Modelling & Analysis course, a module of the Mathematics for second year engineering. During the course of my PhD I occasionally delivered classes on other topics such as computing and thermodynamics.

  • I submitted my PhD thesis.

  • I had the final Viva.

  • My PhD was awarded, putting an end to my wonderful years in academia, but definitely not an end to my relationship with engineering.


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